UC Hastings 2022 Selection Day

The annual Selection Day Dinners are happily back in person this year. The UC Hastings was a joyful reunion of Fellows and a celebration for our newly named Fellows, Ashcon Minoiefar and Loren Hampton.

Selection Day for UC Hastings took place on August 20. This annual tradition of the Tony Patiño Fellowship combines a grueling interview for prospective Fellows-Elect, followed by a celebration for the newly named Fellows (2022 graduates) and the Fellows-Elect who are successful in the rigorous Fellowship selection process.

This year, the Fellowship congratulates Ashcon Minoiefar and Loren Hampton, both of whom graduated in 2022 from UC Hastings College of the Law and were designated as Tony Patiño Fellows.

Here’s an excerpt from Ashcon’s speech:

“I remember telling Steve during my interview that when joining any organization, it was always my priority to leave it better than when I joined. Much like a family, prosperity and growth for a collective comes with dedication, persistence, and patience. The community’s success is our success. I look forward to contributing to this community with everything that I have so that new generations can prosper just like I did.”

Bill Keane, Ascon Minoiefar & Steve Van Liere

Click here to watch Ashcon’s full acceptance speech.

Here’s an excerpt from Loren’s speech:

“During my career, I’ll make money, produce a lot of good work, dress well, speak articulately, walk with my head held high, and I will still be Black. I’ll still experience racism. I’ll still fear the police. I’ll still be overlooked under promoted overworked. And I’ll still be confused for wait staff from time to time. The difference is that now I’ll have some remedy, I’ll have connections to some wonderful people, like all of the folks in this Fellowship who will answer when I call and who will continue to support me when I need it.”

Loren Hampton

Click here to watch Loren’s full acceptance speech.

At the Hastings Selection Day Dinner, the Fellowship also welcomed two new Fellows-Elect, Nooran Alhamdan and Julie Mendoza. Photos from the event are below. Click here to view the full gallery.