Meet Our New Tony Patiño Fellows, Class of 2023

The Fellowship is pleased to welcome our newest Fellows from the class of 2023: Tori Arnau, Brittany Jackson and Isabella Ysebrands of UC Law San Francisco; Maryam Asenuga, Josef Danczuk, and Simeon Toronto of Columbia University; and Martin Martinez and Ryan Kokell of the University of Chicago.

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A Merit-Based Fellowship

The Tony Patiño Fellowship is one of the largest private, merit-based scholarships for legal education in the United States.

The Fellowship application is open to admitted law students at three prestigious law schools: the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco; Columbia Law School; and the University of Chicago Law School.

A Community of Leaders

The Tony Patiño Fellowship is a diverse community of legally trained professionals living and working across the U.S. and worldwide. 

The Fellowship is comprised of more than 200 lawyers, judges and other legally trained individuals who share the honor of having received the prestigious Tony Patiño merit award as law school students.

The Selection Process

Students admitted to Columbia Law School, UC College of the Law San Francisco, and the University of Chicago Law School can download an application from their law school website.

Applicants must submit a completed application, including a personal statement, references and recommendations. Applications are submitted directly to the law schools and evaluated by the Fellowship Board of Directors.

Class of 2022 Tony Patiño Fellows

The Fellowship community is pleased to welcome five new Fellows from the class of 2022: Alex Beer of the University of Chicago; Loren Hampton and Ashcon Minoiefar of UC College of the Law, San Francisco; and Tanner Lockhead and Zeinab Khalil of Columbia.

The video includes a compilation of the new Fellows’ acceptance speeches. Click below to view photos from Selection Day events at UC San Francisco, Chicago and Columbia.