University of Chicago 2023 Selection Day

Selection Day for the University of Chicago Law School took place on September 30 and was a joyful reunion of old friends and classmates and a celebration of our newest Fellows.

This year, the Fellowship congratulates Ryan Kokell and Martin Martinez, who graduated in 2023 from the University of Chicago Law School and have been designated as Tony Patiño Fellows. Click here to see photos from Selection Day celebrations. 

From Ryan Kokell’s speech:

“It’s hard to believe that three years have come and gone and it’s even harder to believe that I’m standing here today before you about to be admitted into such a prestigious Fellowship. After seeing some success in academics and finding joy in advocacy for veterans on campus, I thought that I’d use the remainder of my GI Bill by taking a stab at law school. Just as my experience in the military led me to college and my experience in college led me to UChicago, the Patiño Fellowship has played its own part in guiding me toward what’s to come. This past June, I successfully graduated with both my JD and MBA from the University of Chicago Law School and Booth School of Business, and soon I’ll be starting in strategy consulting for PwC and its subsidiary, Strategy&.” 

From Martin Martinez’s speech:

“As most of us can attest to, the law school experience can be stressful, to say the least. This is especially true at an institution like the University of Chicago. But having the support of the Fellowship helped make my law school experience not just bearable, but even at times enjoyable. From the lunch outings Linda would coordinate for us to the calls I’d get from Doug every quarter, checking in on how classes and life were going, the Fellowship has felt like a family, and I’m so grateful for the relationships and bonds I have established. As I continue on with my legal career, I hope to do well by my family and by the Patiño Fellowship and lead a life that is honorable and compassionate.

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