The Fellow-Elect Experience

Tony Patiño Fellows-Elect join a community of law students bound together by their shared passion for community service, their leadership experiences, and by emerging victorious from the intensely competitive selection process. For many, the first people they encounter on campus and their longest-lasting friendships after law school are the Fellows-Elect they meet at Selection Day. The community aspect of the Fellowship maintains throughout law school and beyond, providing a network of supportive upper-classmates and practicing attorneys to ensure success in law school, in leadership and community service endeavors, and in careers. Implied in this community benefit is a responsibility that each Fellow-Elect bears to participate in the Fellowship community and in turn provide guidance and support throughout law school and beyond to the Fellows-Elect who follow, and to all who share the honorable title of Tony Patiño Fellow.

Specific benefits provided by the Tony Patiño Fellowship include:

  • Each Fellow-Elect receives a financial stipend of at least $10,000 per year for his/her law school education. This award is independent of other aid, including any law school-provided financial aid.
  • Mentoring programs
  • Ongoing Fellowship events including annual Selection Day activities at each school, and periodic events with faculty and Tony Patiño Fellows
  • Networking opportunities through Fellowship events and private social media groups. Patiño Fellows join a network of accomplished students and alumni who can help ease the transition from law school, as well as provide professional opportunities thereafter.